Where to Find the Nearest Bitcoin ATM Toronto, Canada

Looking for a Bitcoin ATM near you? Read and discover where to find the nearest Bitcoin ATM Toronto in Canada!

 Three cities in Canada are already set to have special Bitcoin ATMs installed, which make the country one of the most popular ATM locations in the world. Brand new ATMs will be installed in the financial hub Toronto, in the capital city Ottawa, and in Montreal.

The ATM operators are already presenting their plans to add and install new devices across the country even if the central bank of Canada has announced that Bitcoin is not recognized as a legal tender there.

Most of the devices are built by an Ottawa company known as Bitaccess. The company calls its devices or Bitcoin ATMs BTMs and they make devices that convert fiat currencies directly to Bitcoin. There are other models that do two-way conversions. You can use other devices from other companies such as Robocoin and Lamassu which offer devices that instantly convert fiat to Bitcoin and two-way conversions.

The best thing about these devices is that they include a wall-generation feature which means that the ATM can set up a Bitcoin wallet for you if you don’t have an existing one. According to the Ottawa company, a one-time paper wallet is easily generated which is after than scanned manually by you. Bitaccess say it doesn’t store any personal information about the printed wallets of the users.

In Canada’s commercial capital, Toronto, an ATM has been installed and added at Bitcoin Decentral which is a co-working space that is specially dedicated to Bitcoin businesses all over the city. Bitcoin Decentral is a corporate space that is 5.500 square feet spread over 4 different floors. This ATM Bitcoin is run by the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada. It is not already clear what type of device has been installed, but according to a report from the Toronto Star, it appears that it is not a model from Lamass. The device can perform two-way conversions, between fiat currency and Bitcoins.

There is a Bitcoin ATM MAP that can provide you with all locations and location details you need. By using this ATM MAP you can easily find the nearest ATM in Toronto, Canada and buy or sell Bitcoins. Besides the locations, you could also get details and information about the Bitcoin ATM Suppliers and Projects.