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Top 4 Mobile Apps Where You Can Follow the Bitcoin Price in Canada


If you are unfamiliar with the term cryptocurrency, then let us help you. To make things easier, we will take bitcoin as an example of a cryptocurrency. This is a digital currency that cannot the touched or seen and can never be printed and can only be used online. The world of cryptocurrencies is very new and not something that a lot of people want to get into, but if you are on the edge then you’d be happy to know that things are moving now, so much so in fact that there are now apps that you can you use in order to follow the bitcoin price in Canada, as well as the price of other cryptocurrencies. All of these can be very useful and in this article we will talk about a few of our favorites.

bitcoin to cad
a bitcoin miner

Bitcoin Checker

This is definitely one of the most popular apps in Canada. It is a rock solid app and a go-to for most people that use bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. When you are on the app, you can see the new and up to date prices on most of the digital currencies from all around the world. It has a very simplistic UI and this is a good thing because it works in favor of the app due to all of the information that it shows its users. Regardless of whether you are interested in bitcoins or Doge coins, or some other currency, this app will likely have all of the information you need and as a bonus the app is completely free to use as well.

Bitcon wallet by Coinbase

As you can probably guess from the title, this is an app that lets you manage your bitcoins and this one is designed by Coinbase which is a great thing because they are pretty trusted in the bitcoin space. With this app you can manage your bitcoins, sell them, spend them and manage your whole account, as well as check the bitcoin price. Another thing that it allows you to do is send as well as request bitcoins from other people and remotely disable phone access in case your phone is lost or stolen which will protect your bitcoins. The interface is pretty good with some Material Design goodness and you’ll also be happy to know that the app ranks as one of the best designed ones on this list.


This is a financial app that you can use in Canada that is specifically aimed at cryptocurrency users. Using this app you will be able to quickly glance at your investments while also having the app send you notifications when the prices reach a specified threshold, so you’re always kept in the loop. The app currently tracks over 800 different currencies and it allows you to get details about every single one of them. There is also a special section that allows you to keep up with anything that may be new in the industry, if that is something that you may be interested in. Blockfolio is also completely free which makes it totally worth the shot if you’re into this kind of stuff and if it’s something that you take very seriously.

Bitcoin wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg

This is another app on which you can track the bitcoin price as well as the prices of all of the other cryptocurrencies. The app has a very simple and user-friendly style and offers you the basics, such as the bitcoin balance, the currency exchange rates with over 20 different currencies and well as support in 25 different languages. This is a great app for anyone that is a beginner in the cryptocurrency world because it is very simple to use while giving you everything that you may need.

With so many different cryptocurrencies out there, following the bitcoin price, as well as the prices of the other currencies in Canada, can be a big challenge and that can all be solved by finding the right tools. Use one of the apps that we have suggested in this article and you will be able to make sure that you have all of the necessary information at any time.

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